Zero Pressure Accumulating CDLR with Multiple Air Clutch Zones Using One Drive
Zero Pressure CDLR

Zero Pressure CDLR

Zero Pressure CDLRs provide a cascade method of accumulation preventing product collision due to accumulation. With zone capacities up to 10,000 lbs, they are available up to 124" effective width and any length your company may need.

General Operating Principle for Zero Pressure "Cascade Release"

Zero Pressure CDLR is a chain driver live roller conveyor divided into individual zones controlled by pneumatic clutch logic. Each zone is powered when its corresponding pneumatic clutch is engaged. When a product reaches the sensor in the last unoccupied zone, the clutch is disengaged and the preceding zone pneumatic clutch is armed. When the next product trips the sensor in the preceding zone, its clutch is disengaged. This sequence repeats itself until all zones are full. They are available up to 124" effective width, and any length required. Zone capacities are up to 10,000 lbs.
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